Seadrunar Seattle Drug & Narcotic Center

Sheri is the daughter of founder Nan (Brown) Busby, and was raised in and around Seadrunar from the age of two. She first began her work at Seadrunar in 1984 as an Administrative Assistant specializing in client funding. In 1989, after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, Sheri left to pursue a career in retail merchandising.  She returned to work for Seadrunar Recycling in 1995, where she remained until 2009.  At the end of October 2009, Sheri’s mother retired as Seadrunar’s Executive Director after serving over 41 years.  Sheri was honored when the Board of Directors appointed her as the new Executive Director.  Sheri has been happily married for 20 years and has been blessed with two beautiful teenage daughters. Email Sheri

Angela has lived in Washington since 1987.  her husband is an employee at the work training center, where they met.  They’ve been married 18 years and have one adult son.   Angela has been involved with the Seadrunar program since 1990. She’s worked in many areas of the program, including childcare, first and second phase and aftercare counseling, and has been the Treatment Administrator since 2001. Angela enjoys helping clients and staff members, and watching them reach their potential.  Her hobbies are shopping, crafts and fitness. Email Angela

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Melody has worked for Seadrunar since 2005 and has been the Director of Childcare Services since 2010.  As the director of the onsite fully licensed child care center, Melody works closely with clients and their children as they progress through Seadrunar’s program.  Seadrunar is unique in that we allow parents to receive drug and alcohol treatment services in addition to family support services.  Melody helps clients set up visitation with children who are not residing with them, and provides case management services to clients involved with dependency court. She enjoys the added benefit of helping clients and their children grow together and bond. Melody’s husband is an employee at the Seadrunar Recycling work training program. They have four children, and Melody spends most of her time outside of Seadrunar attending their various activities. 

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Aly was born and raised in Bellevue, Idaho, with her parents and older sister. Her family owns a five-generation-old ranch south of Bellevue, which her dad still continues to farm. She has many fond memories of growing up in Idaho and visits home whenever she gets a chance. Aly has worked as the Administrative Assistant at Seadrunar since 2005 and enjoys her affiliation with the program. She loves spending her free time camping, hiking, skiing and watching movies with her husband.